Jackets for women

Women jackets. A real essential in your closet. You can never have too many.

So just go count how many jackets you have in your closet. How many? A thousand, right? Each with its own feel, each one a different color, long jackets, short jackets... for every occasion.

Same here! We just can't help it. Well, they don't all match everything, so you have to choose. Of course.

Choose your favorite jacket: black to go with everything, red to brighten up your day, or white, which also goes with everything.

Have you seen our SikSilk Women's Padded Crop Jacket? Looks great with skinny jeans and any one of our t-shirts or sweatshirts.

All eyes on you when you wear SikSilk.

And what about you? Would you like to join the SikSilk movement? #siksilk #followthemovement