SikSilk is a British-born, rapidly expanding global fashion brand and as a business, we are aware of the ever-increasing environmental and social impact of our industry. We are committed to creating a more sustainable future for our people and planet by focussing on developing a better understanding of our impact whilst conducting responsible business activities and planning to improve our performance.


We want to significantly reduce our environmental impact and make a positive social impact throughout our supply chain - it will always be our aim to be better and do more.


We will continually monitor and measure our progress by mapping our supply chain and implementing tools to identify where we can make improvements in order to make changes that improve our environmental and social impact for the better.


In relation to growing global inequality and increasing climate change impacts, we recognise we still have a long way to go but we are already making progress and have a number of existing initiatives underway:


  • Commitment to sustainability
  • Clear policies on modern slavery and corporate social responsibility
  • Ethical supplier conduct
  • Zero waste and recycling